Volunteer South America is dedicated to identify volunteer positions with small to medium size local organizations in South America. We work with responsible non-profit organizations that offer structured volunteering work in properly managed volunteer programs. These organizations are doing good work, but really need your help. Most do not have the out reach to find volunteers like you and lack the resources of larger multi-lateral organizations to attract project funds.

Volunteering positions vary considerably, but they all offer the chance to work in a dream setting on a project that really makes a difference. With Volunteer South America, you choose where you want to go and the volunteer activities that you want to try. Whether you are interested in environmental work like, Eco-construction, Captive Breeding of endangered species, supporting research on pioneering work, reforestation or working with people, such as orphans or artisans trying to develop sustainable business in small villages.

When you are not working, there are an incredible array of options to explore, from the rich cultural heritage, to outstandingly beautiful natural areas. There are festivals and carnivals where you may find yourself partying like you never have before, or you may experience a truly inspirational moment in your life. Whatever you are doing, no matter where you are, you will experience a totally different way of life in your volunteer experience in Latin America. 

So please check out this website and the opportunities available. If you have any question please do not hesitate to contact us at info@volunteersam.com.